Frequently Asked Questions


"Why is my card being declined?"

Your card may be declined for a few reasons:

- The billing address and/or billing zip code for your credit card were entered incorrectly. Please review your billing information before proceeding.

- There may be insufficient funds in your account. Please consult your bank or credit provider.

- Other pertinent details were missing from your billing information. Please take the time to fill out all fields correctly. Billing information must match what is on file with your banking provider.

- AVS mismatch. This means the billing information entered does not match what the card issuing institution has on file. Our security system is very sensitive, so if your bank has on file that you live on Spring Street, and you enter Spring St., with Street abbreviated, your card may get declined. If you continue to experience any issues, we suggest not trying the card again, and checking out with PayPal instead.

- Note that we accept Visa and MasterCard issued from authorized banks.   There are occasions when a Visa or MasterCard issued from a foreign bank are not accepted.  In cases such as this, we suggest you utilize PayPal for your purchase.

- We do not accept prepaid credit or debit cards.

- International customers should checkout using PayPal, as we do not accept credit cards registered outside of the United States.


      "Why is there a hold on my account when my card has been declined?"

      If your card was declined, but there is a hold on your account, you must get in touch with your bank or credit provider to have these charges reversed.  If you have not received a confirmation email from us (customerservice@hifientertainment.com), with an order number, your order has not been processed, meaning that we have not received any payment for goods or services.


       "Where is my order?"

      As soon as payment is authorized, all customers receive an email confirmation. As soon as orders ship all customers receive an email with the tracking number and method of freight. If you are having difficulty tracking your order you can always track the package through the website of the shipping company (USPS.com or FedEx.com). Please note FedEx will NOT deliver to PO Boxes.


      "How soon will my order arrive?"

      Depending on where you live, orders can take up to 6 weeks to arrive.  Most orders are processed within 24 hours of the time the order was placed.  Domestic orders usually arrive within a week of processing (with the exception of PRESALE ITEMS).  International orders may take up to 6 weeks to arrive due to customs, weather conditions, and several other factors.




      "Do you accept international credit cards?"

      Currently Hi Fidelity Entertainment cannot accept international credit cards. We recommend all international customers checkout using PayPal.


      "What forms of payment fo you accept?"
      Hi Fidelity Entertainment currently accepts Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and US money orders. We do not  accept prepaid debit or credit cards or gift cards.


      "How do I change or cancel my order?"

        Please contact the Hi Fidelity Entertainment Customer Service Team at 415-382-0900 immediately if you need to change or cancel your order. Please be advised that some orders are shipped very soon after placement, and it may not always be possible to cancel.


        Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly.

        Phone: 415.382.0900
        Email: customerservice@hifientertainment.com